Racer X Pro Practice Day 5-16-14

The opening round of the Red Bull/Lucas Oil AMA Pro outdoor nationals is fast approaching! Next Saturday, to be exact! Glen Helen’s (and MX Sports’s) crews have been working hard to prepare the facility for this epic event! The MotoPhoto LLC crew is in the process of obtaining photo credentials, so we will be on hand to procure images of the event! We attended the RacerX Pro Practice Day on Friday, and want to post up a few shots for your perusal.

Marvin Musquin will be making his comeback after his injury recovery!

Many of the top AMA pros were in attendance, spinning laps on the awesome Glen Helen National Track. Just about all the contenders were there (except James Stewart, who, word has it, was testing at Zaca Station).

Ivan Tedesco was sporting his new RCH ride and looking very comfy!

Dean Wilson will be on his ProCircuit 250. He looked very strong, turning some of the fastest laps of the day. Others who looked very quick were Josh Grant (who rode early and then left early), Ryan Dungey, Kenny Roczen, as well as the Troy Lee team. Weston Peick was also turning laps on his new outdoor ride (also from RCH).

Jason Anderson was also one of the fastest riders on this day. It looks like a possible great battle between Dean Wilson and Jason may be looming. Pourcel may possibly joint that duo as well!

Christophe Pourcel looked good, but he was practicing various sections and did not put in complete hot laps. He will be a contender!

Team Honda was in attendance, with both Trey and Justin turning fast laps. Both looked aggressive and focused!

The Red Bull KTM team brought Ryan Dungey, Marvin, and Kenny. All three looked very comfortable and very fast! This national is shaping up to be a must-see event! The best way will be to get some tickets and enjoy the live ambiance, and then get a repeat at home with your DVR!

One of the Honda boys from a unique angle!

Marvin Musquin on one of the downhills (photo has oil paint filter applied)

Mike Alessi looked pretty good on his Suzuki.

This Chilzone shot of Barcia shows the amazing height the riders are attaining on the back step up! Having 40 AMA Pros hit this jump together in the early laps will be an unbelievable sight!

Ed Fodish is attempting to qualify for the main show! Not bad for a 50+ rider who runs Old Timer events! Good luck, Ed! We hope everyone supports this event. Special thanks to Bud Feldkamp, Davey Coombs, and Tom White for making it all happen. Also special props to Lori Bryant and the Glen Helen Crew and the MX Sports staff! See you there!