July 18th Update!

It has been a while since iMOTOmx.com has posted updates. As everyone knows, iMOTOmx has been on hiatus for a time due to the conversion of the Glen Helen StadiumX Track to the new Glen Helen BMX Track. As soon as we receive information on the new BMX programs we will post it up! BMX will be a great addition to the Glen Helen off-road menu, and will also be a fantastic source for future motocrossers as well!

The iMOTO staff is currently working on a possible 4-race outdoor series on the Glen Helen National Track. As soon as details are finalized, announcements will be made as well as a new iMOTO flyer reflecting the series. Tentative dates, if this series comes to fruition, will be September 7th, November 9th, November 16th and December 21st. Check back for an update on this series!

This coming weekend has a number of great events to choose from, including REM on Saturday, SRA GPs on Sunday (with the OTHG having a separate GP as part of the show), and OTMX running Sunday as well at CompEdge on the Hillside Track. Our CompEdge expert, Greg Preston, reports that the Hillside Track has been updated with some changes to make the track longer, and the start has also been lengthened. It should make for some fun laps. SRA grand prixs are always a hoot, and this Sunday’s event should be more of the same. Of course everyone knows how fantastic REM is–the longest continuous race series in motocross history always is fun to ride, not to mention the competition is the best around. If you have not raced with REM, you owe it to yourself to give it a try! Frank also changes up the track every few weeks to keep the racing fresh!

Milestone has also revamped their main and vet tracks during this past week. We will try to get out there on Tuesday to check out the changes. OTMX still has three night series races, of which two will be on the Milestone Vet Track (the third being at Perris). For more info on the OTMX Night Series, you can visit socalotmx.org.

That’s about it for now. . . check back as we will have more info on the tentative iMOTOmx Glen Helen Series soon! No doubt it will shape up to be one of the best 4-race series of the year! Have a super weekend, and keep the rubber side down (except when executing those awesome whips!).