iMOTOmx at the Glen Sunday!

iMOTO will be on the REM track this Sunday! It will be a busy day at The Glen, with CalVMX holding events on the National track, including the 40th anniversary of WMX in the Southland, and Lucas Oil Truck events in the Lucas Oil Stadium. iMOTO signups will commence around 7:30, with practice around 8 followed by some fun racing. $10 Glen Helen gate fee, and $35 entry. No membership required for iMOTO events! There are many choices for racing this weekend; we hope you choose the relaxed atmosphere of iMOTOmx!

REM will hold its last event of the Summer Series Saturday, which will also be a very busy day at Glen Helen. CalVMX will be on the National track (their event is a two-day affair!), and Lucas Oil will begin setups for afternoon/night racing at the stadium.

Hope to see everyone Sunday at the REM track for some iMOTOmx action!