Maximum Traction Round 4 Race Recap July 14th

Round 4 of the iMOTO’/Glen Helen “Maximum Traction” Outdoor Series is in the books. It was a perfect day for racing (perhaps a bit warm with temps in the high 80s but no wind!). Once again John did a super job prepping the track, which remained perfect after being bedded in during the long practice sessions. iMOTO starter Glen Senecal flagged off the races with efficiency, and the program was tight and efficient!

Race one was a Keith Muraoka benefit, as he took the holeshot and promptly lapped well into the field! He was so fast, he was moved to race two for his second moto. There he would test his mettle against the intermediate and expert riders! The 50 Novice class was a dogfight both motos, with Darren Berg and Phil “ProRide” Cruz going wheel-to-wheel the entire two motos! Cruz took the first moto over Berg, but a “tank slapper” left him with some manly soreness, and Darren got by moto 2 for the class overall. Ron Boozell and Chuck Cook were in the mix, trading positions. Ron took third overall over Chucky!

Ron Verbeek finished third overall in moto 1, but came back strong to win moto 2 overall (after Muraoka was moved to race 2), Ron’s 3-1 moto finishes edged out John Estes (2-2) for the 55+ novice class win. Cam Cameron and Ken Wolf kept pace, and finished third and fourth in the class.

The 60 novice class was dominated by Alan Kent, who finished second overall both motos for first in class. Tony Parsons put in an inspired ride on his KTM, taking second over Kurk Muraoka (Keith’s dad) and Earl Shuler.

Race two brought out the best duel of the day, with Casey Casper and Kevin Barda going bar-to-bar both motos! After the races, Kevin indicated the difference was his 4-stroke RM; Casey was on a 250 2-stroke. Had Casey been on a 450, the results may well have been reversed! Finishing third overall both motos was mx legend Dan Berg, who won the 50 expert class over an always fast Bob Casper. Steve Piattoni, the “Shock Doc,” looked very comfortable and fast on his 450 RMZ, finishing 5th overall both motos for third in class. Ray “Mx Panther” Poltack also rode well.

The 55 intermediate class was swept by Pat Fowler. Special mention goes to Keith Muraoka, who won race 1 overall and was moved to this faster race for moto 2. Keith rode mid-pack in this fast race, showing he belonged! Keith won the 250 Nov class overall. The 250 intermediate class was won by Cordis Brooks, son of the famous desert racer by the same name. It was a pleasure to watch his smooth style!

Kurt Sofka, Jr., the force behind iMOTO, came back from an injury layoff. He holeshot moto one, but his endurance waned and he fell off the pace round lap 4. The speed was there, but the endurance is coming back!

The minis ran race three. Dustin Reateria walked away from everyone on his KTM 80 SXS. He was very, very fast! He also ran in the 125 novice class during race 1 moto 1, and finished 5th overall! Jake Estes looked smooth and fast for second overall, with 85 beginner Konner Muraoka taking the win in his class.

iMOTO is the best kept secret in town. . . long motos, lots of practice time, and all for the least expensive entry fees in the industry! Check us out. . . the next iMOTO event is this coming Saturday for round four of the “Under the Lights” Stadium X series at The Glen.