IMG_8653 Sunday, May 5th was the perfect day to kick off the iMOTO “Maximum Traction” Motocross Series. The temperatures were in the 70s, with a nice overcast to keep the moisture in the track. The crack Glen Helen track prep crew, led by John, did an amazing job to give the iMOTO riders a perfect track. The only thing that was lacking was
a large rider turnout, no doubt a result of the TransWorld series running at Milestone and the OTHG race at Comp Edge. The riders who made the show at Glen Helen, however, were not disappointed! Two long practices and lengthy
motos made for maximum track time on a perfect course.

The first of two races featured bar to bar racing between Don “Mr. Clean” Meiner and Tony “TP68” Parsons. Tony rode very well for his first race after a year plus of injury rehab. It was great to see him and Don mix it up both motos! Don took the overall in the 60 class over Tony and the old pro, Earl Shuler, who was riding his #7 KTM. Ray Valenzuela won the 45 Nov class with two inspired moto wins. One more lap in moto 2 and Ray would have had a moto overall! The 50 Novice class was won by Darrin Berg, with 2-1 moto finishes over a fast Dennis Foster (1-3) and Rapid Ron Verbeek (3-2). Chucky Cook rode inspired motos to go 4-4. Other riders showing excellent skill and speed were Kent Reed and Bob Gelfand. Bob rode well in moto one, but did not make the gate for moto 2. Bob is the outstanding shop manager for John Burr Cycles, one of the iMOTO sponsors!
Race two brought the faster riders to the gate. Led by number 55 Ryan Robles, these two motos were very entertaining to watch, with plenty of close racing on the track. Kevin Barda ran fast, holding a steady but small lead over CMC legend Dan Berg. Kevin won the 40 expert class; Dan won the 50 expert class. Phil Donnell, also making a comeback after injuries, finished a credible second to Barda. Ray Alan Poltack, (aka MX Panther), rode his Honda 250 2-stroke to second behind Berg in the 50 expert class. Ray moved himself into the faster class knowing that chasing Berg will ultimately make him a faster rider! George Andrews rode his KTM 250 Sx to the 50 intermediate win with his usual steady, fast pace. The 45 intermediate class was a train, with Tom Baker taking his Honda to the win both motos over a fast Ron Shuler on his Kawasaki and Kevin Worrell, the #1 SoCal OTMX rider. Teren Salinas on his Honda, however, put in the most impressive ride. In the first moto, he competed in race one. He won overall by a large margin, and wanted the challenge of racing moto 2 in the faster second race. He rode to a very credible sixth overall, winning the 250 novice class in the process!
The “Maximum Traction” Outdoor Series at Glen Helen has five rounds; the next round is on the REM track at Glen Helen on June 9th. Series championships are based on the best four of five rounds, so everyone can still be in the championship mix! Thanks goes out to the series sponsors including Yoshimura, ONeal, LightSpeed, Dubya, Advantage Performance Distributing, MTA, and our two sponsoring shops, B&B Cycles and John Burr Cycles!
iMOTO will also be, in collaboration with Glen Helen Raceway, promoting and conducting the “Under the Lights” Stadium X Night Series. This six-race series will begin May 18th, under the lights, on the Glen Helen Stadium X track!
More information on the night series can be found at, or at