April 11 Update

Pete Vetrano, the original MotoMan, at the 2-Stroke Nationals!

Last weekend was spent at REM on Saturday and the MTA 2-Stroke Nationals on Sunday. Both events were a hoot, for sure. First, the REM track was the roughest track this humble, old, fat and slow guy has ever ridden. I was totally stoked just to ride to the flag in both motos. I was lapped by Gary Jones at least twice in 20 minutes!

4-Time National Champ Gary Jones with everybody’s favorite moto/artist Jon Ortner at REM. They did not mind the rough track!

Frank Thomason wanted a long track with extended lap times, and he achieved that goal! I am hoping the layout tomorrow will have a few less tight turns and flow a little faster. . . hopefully! Speaking of Gary Jones (who now works with Hinson in a major way), he handily won the 60 Expert class at the MTA 2-Stroke Championships on Sunday. Gary did the double with ease, winning REM and MTA.

Gary with the holeshot moto 1 on the MotoPhoto LLC KTM 250 Sx

iMOTO/MotoPhoto had a little stake in the MTA race, as we sponsored Gary Jones with a ride (the KTM 250 Sx). After adjusting the bike to his tastes, Gary smoked everyone with two fine rides. Two hole shots, wire to wire wins, and looking quite fresh after the second moto win, Gary is simply a great rider and a super nice person as well. It was a pleasure working with him on Sunday (and we would do it again anytime!).

Gary Jones and the author with the KTM that Jones rode to victory

Owin Wright appeared at the MTA race to spectate, and was drafted into the pit crew to help out with Gary’s day. Gary then had Owin do some maintenance/cleaning chores between practice and motos on Justin’s KTM (Justin being the very fast Pro son of Gary). Justin won the first moto in the Pro Class, but heartbreak set in when his black box malfunctioned with only a couple of laps to go in moto 2 (Justin had a huge lead at that time). Like his pops, Justin is a super nice guy on top of being a blazing fast rider.

Justin Jones inherited all his dad’s speed (and maybe more!)

Mark Chilzone also came out to both REM and the MTA race. Mark is a fine photographer, with many of his shots featured on the MXA website in the weekly REM report. Mark also has contributed many photos and numerous galleries to the motophotollc.com website.

A Chilzone shot of Sean Collier, who inherited the Pro win when Justin had ignition problems moto 2.

When Justin had his problem in moto 2, the door was opened for Sean Collier to repeat as pro champ for the second straight year. Colton Udall was in a position to win it all at that point, but had a bail and had to recover to take second on the podium. Dr. D, Doug Dubach, rode consistently (as he always does) to take third overall!

A Chilzone shot of Colton Udall, who recovered from a crash to finish second overall for the day.

Doug Dubach is timeless. . . of that I am convinced! He always is around the top five in the 30 and 40 pro classes that he competes in, and he dominates the 50 class. Originally, the Doc was going to run the 50 expert class, but rumor has it a few friends talked him into running the open Pro class. So of course he does and winds up on the podium!

A Mark Chilzone photo of Doctor D doin’ his thing!

The van is all loaded up for REM. We will be back at iMOTOmx.com for an update soon. . . hope to see you all at the track!









Update: March 30th: Ramblings!

April 6th will bring the MTA 2-Stroke Championship day to Glen Helen. Competing on the Glen Helen National Track, the two-stroke riders will be shooting for the prestegious two-stroke titles in all offered classes (go to GlenHelen.com for the information and online entries). We will be there to ride and produce images, which will be posted at motophotollc.com.MTA 2-Stroke April 6On April 5th, REM will return after a week off to accommodate the MudFactor Mud Run at The Glen.  REM is in the midst of its annual Spring Series, but for the month of April introduces a new twist. All Pro races will be 30 minutes plus two laps, so there should be an even larger number of pros on hand to tune up for the fast-approaching AMA Outdoor Nationals. Speaking of the Nationals, you can get your tickets for the AMA opener at Glen Helen by visiting glenhelen.com.  There is also information at that website regarding volunteer opportunities to help out at the National.Lucas Oil MX 2014We had the opportunity to both ride and shoot photos at the REM event on March 22nd. As always, Frank and Myra and the REM crew put on an outstanding event. REM is, as everyone knows, the longest-running weekly motocross in the nation! It is truly the heart of  weekly motocross in Southern California. Pairing REM with Glen Helen was a natural; when Saturday Saddleback, and later Saturday Carlsbad events ended due to track closures, Glen Helen was the natural choice to continue the weekly events.

It is always great fun to visit REM and shoot photos. There are always some outstanding folks there with cameras, including Debbie, Dan, and Mark. Their photos grace the pages of MXA’s weekly REM report (found on the MXA website (motocrossactionmag.com).

iMOTO’s next event will not be until June 1st. The iMOTO crew will be taking a haitus for April and May! We will be at most, if not all, REM events, running some GPs, and perhaps a desert race or two. We will report back with updates on these and other events! In the meantime, we hope to see you at REM as well as other Southland motocross events!


March 21st Update- iMOTO REM!

Last Sunday iMOTO and MTA, with the assistance of the Glen Helen Staff, completed round 2 of the MTA 2-Stroke Championship Series. There was a light turnout for a perfect day of racing, with the program split into three races. There was plenty of great racing action in all three races!

Rowan Trefe from Costa Mesa took the 30 Expert class. He is from Austrailia!

John Perry gets inside Ken Wolk in race 2

Full results are up in the results section of the iMOTO website. April 6th is the final round (and the actual championship round) of the MTA 2-Stroke Championships. It will be on April 6th on the Glen Helen National Track.

Frank Beach leads Owin Wright, who is about to passed by Bill Maxim in the first moto of Race 2. Beach won the 50 Nov class, and Maxim won the 60 class.

Arnie Davis slips inside Earl Shuler on his way to the 50 Intermediate win.

Elijah Dimmitt from Norco on his Kawasaki 65!

Cameron Wilson trekked from Santa Barbara to finish 2nd in the 125 Nov class.

Nikki Dorsey on her Yamaha won the 250 Novice class.

The next iMOTO event will be on June 1st, again on the REM track. This will be a stand-alone event, and will be a great event to run to begin preparations for the iMOTO Stadium X Series, which will commence July 18th. The stadium cross events this year will be on Friday nights, completely under the lights (with practice starting around 7:30 PM). A new stadium cross track is being designed just for this series. Stay tuned to iMOTOmx.com for more details as this series approaches!

This coming weekend REM Saturday MX continues its Spring Series. Plenty of great racing takes place at the always popular REM events (Frank and Myra Thomason do a great job!), and iMOTO always encourages riders to check it out! Sunday at Glen Helen brings the first of the 3-race endurance series from John Burr, the John Burr Cycles 6-Hour Endurance Race. There is still time to get a three-rider team together, as you can enter right up through Sunday morning at the REM Tower. The race flags off at 8:30am, and the checkers fall at 2:30pm. There are also ironman classes for those of you who would like a 6-hour Sunday ride! Photos of REM events and selected Glen Helen events can be viewed at motophotollc.com, in the Glen Helen Events category. Thanks again for checking out iMOTOmx.com; we will have another update early next week for the REM and JBC Cycles 6-Hour events!















iMOTOmx/MTA 2-Stroke Championships Sunday at “The Glen”

Signups will be at 7:30 in the REM Tower at Glen Helen Raceway on March 16th  for Round 2 of the MTA 2-Stroke Championships, with support races by iMOTOmx. A full slate of 4-stroke classes is on tap, so whatever type of machine you race there is a gate for you! Glen Helen gate fee is $10. Transponders will be used (no cost, racers only leave a credit card/license for security, which is returned right after the second moto when the transponder is brought back to the REM Tower). This is the last 2-stroke event leading up to the MTA 2-Stroke Championships on April 6th. We will post up more information on that event the week prior.

2 Stroke Revival 2014


Update: March 11th!

Cool day today, with the posting up of photos from last Saturday’s REM event. Over 500 images are up at motophotollc.com. Check them out if you have some time. . . in the Glen Helen Events section of the motophotollc photo site.

Met up with Doug Krause (better known as “Pinky” today. We went to Milestone only to find the Vet Track is under construction–being totally revamped. The old Vet Track at Milestone was epic for old timers like us coming off of injuries. It didn’t have hucking jumps, yet was long enough with plenty of good corner options. Since we did not have the skills (jumping) to handle the Milestone tracks that were open, we headed off to Comp Edge to run the Hillside Track.

Conditions at The Edge were truly outstanding! The real fast pros kept to the Main Track, so the Hillside was epic for us. We put in around 50 laps (in increments of five to ten); Doug had his first ride on a KTM 450, and really enjoyed it. I kept switching back and forth between the 450 and a 2-stroke KTM 250, and had a great time. Couple more rides and I think we can resume racing again!

This coming weekend has a bunch of options. Saturday has the REM Spring Series (8-race series) continuing. REM is always a great event, and we have been going to more and more REM events to shoot photos (all the photos in this blog are from last Saturday’s REM event). The SoCal group is at Comp Edge, Main Track on Saturday, with the big race being the iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke Series (round 2) on Sunday at Glen Helen on the REM Track. Both Saturday and Sunday will find the Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers at Glen Helen on the National Track. More info for these events can be found at glenhelen.com and/or remsatmx.com.

This would be a great weekend to pull a double. . . race both Saturday and Sunday! The MTA 2-Stroke event has a full contingent of classes for 4-strokes as well, and transponder scoring will be once again in effect (no extra fees involved!).

The final round of the MTA 2-Stroke Championship Series will be April 6th; that is the event that will determine the class championships for 2014 (the February and March events are prequels).

We hope to see all of you at the Sunday iMOTO/MTA event at Glen Helen! Thanks for checking out iMOTOmx!

iMOTO Update 2/26/14 (A Shameless Plug!)

This iMOTOmx.com website, as most of you know, is administered by MotoPhoto LLC. At MotoPhoto LLC, we have been shooting images of motocross racers for a number of years, concentrating on iMOTO, SoCal OTMX, and selected Glen Helen events, including a recent emphasis on REM Motocross. In the past, we have also shot Lucas Oil, Quad X, and even a couple of weddings! Our images are found at motophotollc.com. What many folks don’t know, however, is that we also do in-house printing (in addition to our website print services through SmugMug). We have been creating custom posters for riders by request, such as:

Gazafy Poster

This poster is a 17 x 22 inch, and we frame it in a lightweight, custom frame ready to hang. We can use any shot, and have most logos (riders can choose their sponsors/products). These posters are available from motophoto llc for $40 (plus tax). My smart wife, Susie P., noted that we have never actually made public that these custom posters are available, so she suggested a post to that effect. Thanks, Honey!

Parsons Poster 2-16-14Here is another poster that was consigned by none other than TP68, who sent this great Debbi Tamietti photo along with his sponsor/product requests. Tony is a big supporter of MotophotoLLC, and we were excited to put together this poster for him!

FrankPosterThe third poster sample we wanted to show off was consigned by Nick at ProValve, honoring one of our favorite promoters, REM’s own Frank Thomason. If you are interested in having a poster made for yourself or your favorite rider, you can email us at motophotollc@gmail.com to get the process started! Thanks for checking us out, and we will see you at the races!

Don’t forget that REM resumes on March 8th (we will be there to shoot photos for another REM gallery), and that iMOTO/MTA will run round 2 of the MTA 2-Stroke Championship Series on Sunday, March 16th. Thanks again for checking us out!



Sunday Glen Helen Update (Feb 16th)!

The iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke Races went off, after a short delay to reposition the transponder loop and finish line, on a beautiful, perfect day for racing. Results will be posted in the results section of the iMOTOmx.com website (hit the results link above). At the same time, the Yamaha Quad X Series opener was in action on the National Track. The MotoPhotoLLC camera crew was able to get large galleries of both events (one gallery for the QuadX event and two galleries for the 2-Stroke National opener).

George Andrews finished first in the very competitive 50 Intermediate class

Bob Casper rode his older CR250 to the 50 Expert win

Ron Shuler from Oak Hills took the 45 Expert Class on his KTM

Brandon Brady was the lone Pro Class rider

You can check out the full galleries of both events at motophotollc.com, or hit the photos link above.

Yamaha Factory Rider Dustin Nelson set the pace at the Quad X races

BigKid Racing was in full force with trackside support at the Quad X event

The Quad racers put on quite a show! Check out the Glenhelen.com website for more info on the Yamaha Quad X Series!

The next iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke event will be round two of the series, on March 16th. It will again be on the REM Track at “The Glen.” This will also be a packed weekend, as the Glen Helen Round of the Loretta Lynn’s Qualifier will racing both the 15th and the 16th on the National Track. Fun Times!

Cool shot of Hanna Dorsey, 125 Novice!






Big Weekend!

iMOTO brings you a big weekend of racing. First we have the iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke Championships Round 1 at REM on Sunday. MTA’s John Perry and Mark Hall are spearheading the MTA 2-Stroke Championships (Round 1) events, while Kurt Sofka Jr. & Co. are running the 4-stroke classes with both events being on a challenging REM track. At the same time the Yamaha Quad X Series will be running on the Glen Helen National Track. Needless to say, Sunday will be a full day of racing!

Yamaha Quad X Series to start Sunday!

Monday will bring the next John Burr Cycles Free Ride Day at “The Glen.” As always, the time is from noon to 5pm. With this being a four-day weekend for many, there should be a great turnout. Since the REM track will be prepped for Sunday, it should be quite ridable on Monday as well! JohnBurr LogoGH TranspGH Transp2009 GHR transResults and photos from these events will be posted up early to midweek! Check on back!

2-Strokes will be featured on Sunday!

iMOTOmx to Use Transponder Scoring

iMOTOmx is announcing that transponder scoring will be in effect for the rest of the iMOTO events in 2014. In addition to fast, accurate scoring, lap times will be available for interested riders. The system will use the AMB (orange) transponders, so those riders who have their personal units can use them for iMOTO events. For riders who do not have their own personal transponders, units will be available at signup. There is no charge to use a Glen Helen transponder; you only need to leave a license or credit card that is returned when the transponder is checked back in at the end of the event. Transponders will be in use beginning with the February 16th iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke event on the REM track at “The Glen.”

Feb 4th iMOTO Update!

The outstanding REM Track at Glen Helen Raceway will host the sights and sounds of iMOTO racing on  Sunday, February 16th. This event will run in tandem with the first round of the MTA 2-Stroke Championship Series. If you are a diehard MX racer like I am, you can bring your 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke machines to this event and race both the iMOTO 4-stroke class(es) and the first round of the MTA 2-Stroke Championships! It promises to be an outstanding event. Motophotollc.com will be there to shoot photos of all motos. The program will feature long practice sessions and lengthy motos, like all iMOTO events. Glen Helen’s John Perry, with backing from the MTA group (including Mark Hall and Jeff Laird) is the force behind the MTA 2-Stroke Championships.

2 Stroke Revival 2014


iMOTO will also be hosting the MTA group on March 16th for round 2 of the MTA 2-Stroke Championships. iMOTO will also be providing 4-stroke classes at this event, which will also take place on the REM Track at Glen Helen Raceway. More information on the MTA 2-Stroke Championships can be found at glenhelen.com.

Speaking of Glen Helen Raceway, be sure to pick up your copy of Inside Track Magazine the next time you go through the Glen Helen gate. The publication is free, and it give information on the big annual events and series’ that are hosted at Glen Helen Raceway. There are also a couple of general interest articles for your reading pleasure (including an article about the return of the AMA Nationals to Glen Helen from Bud Feldkamp’s point-of-view).

IT Cover


Thanks again for checking our the iMOTO website. Mark your calendar for February 16th–iMOTO/MTA 2-Stroke Championships at REM! See you there!